Destination Peloponnese

What's special about the Peloponnese? It's tempting to answer, "Everything". If you want to get away from it all when traveling in Greece, you have to come here. It feels like sacred ground. A wild and beautiful setting for ancient myths of gods and heroes. Home to some of the pinnacles of human civilization, from the temples and sports grounds of the original Olympic Games to the awesome Mycenaen palace of King Agamemnon and the intimate Byzantine churches of the ghost town of Mystras.But the Peloponnese isn't just that. The region's natural playground truly mesmerizes. The peninsula is studded with lush gorges, valleys of citrus and vineyards, cypress trees, some of the Mediterranean's most beautiful beaches and two of Greece's most impressive mountain ranges: Taygetos and Parnon.
We believe though that one of the Peloponnese's greatest treasures are its villages, tucked away in the valleys and hanging from the mountainsides. This is especially true deep in the Mani peninsula and in the mountains of Arcadia, where traditional Greek hospitality hasn't been eroded by busloads of visitors. Leisurely is the word to remember in the Peloponnese. And what better place to watch shepherds on the hills or fishing boats on the horizon as you wait for dinner.Come and join us in one of our Peloponnese adventures...


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