Destination Mt. Olympus

You have landed on this page through the endless offerings of the web, and this may mean that you already know something about Mt. Olympus. In fact, most travelers do, as Olympus is one of the most historic and mythical mountains on Earth, a "Biosphere Reserve" declared by UNESCO and one of the highest peaks in Europe in terms of topographic prominence. In this case we don't need to try to describe Mt. Olympus with more words. What we believe we can do better, is to show you Mt. Olympus in real life. Check out who we are and be confident that with Tripin Adventures it may be an unforgettable exploration and a direct encounter with the history and the present on the Mountain of the Gods. With Pavlos Tsiantos, certified Mountain Guide (HMGA, UIAA) and Filmmaker ("From Olympus to Everest", "Olympus the mountain of Men") and his team, you will be in the right hands, in terms of the safety on the mountain as well as the historical background knowledge. Adjusted to your style and pace, our team will introduce you to the safety rules and at the same time it will provide you with many unwritten interesting tales that surround the mountain. If conditions allow it, you may even have the opportunity to watch images of Pavlos's films in one of the cozy mountain huts, while sipping tea or a glass of wine and resting your body and mind in this peaceful and relaxing environment.

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