When Lord Byron wanted to sum up the magic of Greece he spoke of someone as ''spell-bound within the clustering Cyclades'' and everyone knew what he meant. The Cyclades were bliss in Byron's day, and they are bliss today. The symbol of what dream islands should be: white cubist houses, golden beaches, olive groves, pine forests, herb-strewn mountain slopes and terraced valleys.
So much has both been said and written about the "most beautiful islands of the world", that any addition on our part would be redundant. They lie in the deep blue heart of the Aegean and are so named because they form a kyklos (circle) around the holy island of Delos. From the cosmopolitan islands to the half-deserted; from those covered with lush greenery to others lying like a knuckle of a weather-worn hand in the blue sea; from he blindingly white villages of the Cyclades to the stately and ornate neoclassical mansions of Syros, there seems to be no end to their individuality.
We personally feel that their beauty lies in the light, unlike any other in Europe. It is fiercer, stronger, sharper and silhouettes the mountains and the whitewashed houses in stark razor like patterns against the sky. It turns the sea from opal in the morning to sapphire to gold, to silver and finally descending swiftly in a bright red ball.
A holiday in the Cyclades is particularly attractive when it involves "island hopping". This offers the opportunity to get to know the islands, each of them stamped with its own unique character.
Come and join us in one of our "island hopping" adventures...


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