Created by powerful natural forces, in the midst of the Mediterranean Sea, between Europe, Africa and Asia, there lies the island of Crete. Fabulous beaches, crystalline seas, dramatic gorges and mountains high enough to keep snow on the peaks often well into summer, form a tranquil and sublime landscape. But this is just one side of it.
One will soon discover that the richness of the history may be even greater than the natural beauty. Being the birthplace of Europe's earliest civilization, Crete's heritage goes back 5000 years. The historical background is evident across the island, through ancient palaces and Roman cities, spectacular Byzantine churches and unconquerable Venetian fortresses. And as for the contemporary people? They are permanently in love with their island and what it stands for. The multicultural and colorful past of Crete is reflected in all aspects of modern Cretan life and the unique lifestyle, dance, music and food, will leave the visitor with the most vivid impressions.  
We feel that there is so much to see in Crete, a unique world where civilization is counted by the millennia. A trip here might be the beginning of a long relationship and a visit to a place that you will want to return to.
"Tough yet tender" -that's how we describe- the place we love: Crete.
Welcome to join us for this magnificent experience.

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