The marble road

to Acropolis


There are few visitors to the Acropolis who have not paused to ponder how the large masses used for the monuments were originally hauled up the sacred rock...
...attention should be paid not only to the purely immaterial and intellectual part of the achievement, but also to the manual...
...certain stages of the work such as quarrying and transport were much more demanding than that of raising the marbles into position

Manolis Korres, Architect in charge of the restoration of Parthenon - Acropolis

If you belong to the people who are not satisfied in the learning process until they gain insight behind the scenes, here is great news: We have created a prototype tour that suits you! Leave the center of Athens and get up to Mt. Penteli where by visiting the most important ancient marble quarry, you will learn in detail all aspects behind the building of the Parthenon. In addition, partly hiking, partly by car explore both sides of the mountain, learn about the ancient way of marble transportation, and finish at the Dionysus open air marble museum. The highlight of the tour is awaiting you on the top of Mt. Penteli where you will obtain a unique insight to the strategies of the Athenian and Persian armies, dictated by the morphology of the landscape of Attica during the Persian wars. Particularly the battle of Marathon considered one of the most significant battles for the western world, unfolded just under your feet. The Athenian victory secured the establishment of democracy and led to the building of the Parthenon.


We pick you up from your location in the center of Athens or elsewhere. A short drive on a modern highway will bring you to the Vrilisia outskirts at the foot of the Southern slopes of Mount Penteli. Leave the populated area, and ascending the curving asphalt road, soon you'll reach the location of the ancient Spelia Quarry. After a short hike on a dirt road, the scenery of the quarry opens up in front of you. Wandering around the remains of once bustling activity, you will learn all the details about the process of extraction, smoothing and transportation of the huge marble pieces to the building site of Acropolis distanced 17 km away. One must not to forget that this was happening in the golden age of antiquity 2,5 thousand years ago. Return to the car and drive to the top of Mt. Penteli 1100m. Besides the feeling of liberation and joy of breathing fresh air on a mountain top with Athens at your feet, you can also read up on the timeline of the birth and defense of the western culture in its natural cradle. From the summit descend to the north side of the mountain and reach the Dionysus Open air marble museum. In this magnificent location designed and shaped by some enthusiastic architects and traditional marble craftsmen you will enjoy a refreshing picnic while adding some more information about the wonderful world of marble.

Hiking distance: 4,2 km / Hiking Duration: 2 hours
Elevation gain: 380 m
Driving distance:

Athens center to Spelia Quarry 30 km / 45min
Spelia Quarry to start of the hike 13 km / 20min
End of the hike to Athens center 45km / 1hour





  • All transportation during the trip
  • Services of a guide throughout the tour


  • Gratuities for leader/guide or driver
  • Other items of a personal nature
  • Anything not mentioned in above program


  • Snacks during activities
  • Picnic lunch


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