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The Cycladic islands represent the classic essence of the "Greek islands". Rugged, sun-drenched outcrops of rock, anchored in azure seas. Spread between Europe and Asia, they have been shaped by the influences of several cultures and epochs, each layer leaving its unique signature on the landscapes. Day-to-day life and traditions, social ceremonies, ancestral practices, and arts are integral components, sculpting a distinct, authentic identity over time. A crucial part of this cultural identity is Cycladic cooking, known for its timeless, organic, and instinctive approach.
The trip starts in Athens, and after visiting the Acropolis and the new Acropolis museum, we will hop in our ferry to Tinos, a wonderland of natural beauty, dotted with more than forty marble-ornamented villages found in hidden bays, on terraced hillsides and atop misty mountains. Next stop is Naxos, the biggest and one of the most beautiful islands of the Cyclades, if one can be in position to choose. It is an island with incredible landscape interchanges, Venetian castles and traditional villages perched on the cliffs of its mountains. Final stop is Santorini and probably you know how it looks like. Photos of vibrant blue waters overlooked by whitewashed stone homes nestled above multicolored cliffs are constantly fueling wanderlust around the world.


Often referred to as the cradle of Western civilization, Athens has been continually occupied by people for the last 7,000 years. You can't move without bumping into an ancient ruin or building, which evokes imagery of the Greek gods or the thoughts of their philosophers.
In the afternoon we will meet at our hotel for an introductory talk and after a walk around Plaka, the oldest neighborhood of Athens, we will have our first dinner together in a traditional restaurant. Of course, Greek cuisine plays a starring role and we have spent many hours digesting countless delicacies during the research of this important aspect.

Overnight in Athens in a 4* hotel
Dinner included

No matter how many photographs you’ve seen, nothing can prepare you for watching in person the Acropolis standing after thousands of years. Alongside with a specialized guide you will explore the site and afterwards we will head towards the long-waited Acropolis museum.
In the afternoon we will drive to the port of Rafina and from there we will take the ferry to Tinos.
In Tinos, all the fascination is hiding in the more than forty extraordinarily well preserved villages, in the stone huts, in the architectural details of the unique dovecotes, in the “handmade” terraces that cover the whole island.

Overnight in Tinos in a boutique hotel
Breakfast and lunch included
Rafina to Tinos 17:30-21:20
Driving distance:
Athens to Rafina port 30 km / 40 min

The village of Volax is like a habitat for hobbits. Cottages crouch among smooth round boulders which tumble down the mountain like giant bowling balls. Nobody knows how these peculiar rock formations evolved. Some say there was a volcanic eruption; others claim that meteorites rained down from the sky. The 20th-century Greek philosopher Cornelius Castoriadis simply concluded that Tinos was "not made by human hand". From Volax we will hike to the imposing rock of Exombourgo, with its medieval castle on top of it and then we will descend towards the village of Tripotamos in order to visit a local house where are we going to taste Cycladic dishes during a home hosted meal.

Overnight in Tinos in a boutique hotel
Breakfast and lunch included

Hiking distance: 3,5 km / Hiking Duration: 2 hr
Driving distance:
Tinos town to Volax village 13 km / 20 min
Tripotamos to Chora  5 km / 10 min
Tinos town to Pyrgos 23 km / 40 min
Pyrgos  to Tinos Town  27 km / 40 min

More than any other material, it is marble that is most associated with Greek art and architecture, from antiquity to the present. On Tinos is a reflection of the cultural identity and today we will hike in the northern part of the island, where it once flourished.
We will start from Kardiani, which is one of the prettiest villages in Tinos and the first stop will be Pyrgos, a historical village with great tradition in marble carving where even the cemetery is a feast of that fine art. There, we will visit the Museum of Marble Crafts, dedicated to this rich history of marble production and craftsmanship. Our hike ends to the seaside village of Panormos while the fragrant sea air and gentle climate of the island will refresh our spirits.

Overnight  in Tinos town in a boutique hotel
Breakfast, lunch and dinner included
Hiking distance: 8 km / Hiking Duration: 4 hr
Driving distance:
Town of Tinos to Kardiani 15 km / 25 min
Panormos to Tinos Town 27 km / 50 min

Next destination is Naxos. As the ferry arcs toward the island you catch the first glimpse of the Portara, a marble gateway on the headland, all that remains of an ancient temple to Apollo. Of course, this is just the beginning of your adventure here.
Later in the day you will discover the tapestry of local customs and traditions, which brings the spirit of Naxos to life by visiting some of the prettiest villages in the Cyclades. First, we will drive from the plain to the highlands reaching the village of Chalki the former capital of the island, where you’ll taste Naxos’ famous citron liquor at a traditional distillery. From there we will continue your scenic drive climbing to the mountain village of Apeiranthos, known for its marble streets and medieval architecture, where you are going to participate in a food tour. You going to sample some crusty bread with the local smoked ham, pork in a rich tomato garlic sauce, goat cheese with honey, and a special dessert.

Overnight in Naxos in a boutique hotel
Breakfast and dinner included
Driving distance:
Naxos town to Chalki 25 km / 35 min
Chalki to Apiranthos 10 km / 15 min
Apeiranthos to Naxos town 35 km / 45 min
Tinos to Naxos 11:30-13:35

Greek cuisine reflects the rich agricultural production of our small yet blessed country, and is a reflection of our economy, history, social life, customs and even religious beliefs. In Naxos, the wide variety of produce available allows people to create eclectic dishes based on creative recipes. So today you will learn how to prepare a typical Greek-Family meal with the well-known pure Naxian products at a family farm which dates back to the 16th century and still has no electricity, so everything will be cooked with wood fire.

Overnight in Naxos in a boutique hotel
Breakfast, lunch and dinner included
Driving distance:
Naxos town to Melanes 18 km / 30 min
Melanes to Naxos town 18 km / 30 min

The town of Naxos is regarded to be one of the most beautiful towns in the Cyclades, particularly popular for its fine architecture that is composed of Venetian and Cycladic elements. In the morning we will explore the impressive Venetian castle that stands on top of it.
Later on in the day we will catch the ferry to Santorini, which is going to take your breath away. It is best approached by sea and as your arriving craft maneuvers over the impossibly midnight blue waters of the caldera, the sheer lava cliffs of the caldera lip, layered in varicolored rock, loom overhead, with white houses on top like a dusting of snow.
Our afternoon, will be spent at one of the island's finest wineries. As you indulge in diverse grape varietals like the indigenous Assyrtiko, you'll delve into the knowledge of Santorini's ancient vineyard, explore the island's centuries-old history, and discover the profound influence of volcanic soils on its winemaking.

Overnight in Santorini in a boutique hotel
Breakfast and dinner included
Driving distance:

Santorini Port to Fira 10 km / 30 min
Naxos to Santorini 13:00-15:10

From the capital of the island Fira, we will hike the picturesque trail towards  Oia, one of the best things to do on the islands. With breathtaking views and stunning vistas at every turn, the trail is guaranteed to be one of the prettiest you’ve ever hiked.
After lunch, we will head to the port of Vlychada to embark our catamaran. Sailing in the caldera is a highly rewarding experience, permitting you to admire the island from a different perspective and discover a fascinating world of volcanic serenity and unparalleled splendor. You will swim in hot springs next to the volcano known for their therapeutic benefits, have barbecue on board and soak in the spectacular colors of the world’s famous Santorinean sunset.

Overnight in Santorini in a boutique hotel
Hiking distance:
10 km / Hiking Duration: 4 hr
Breakfast and dinner included

Breakfast is at your leisure at the hotel and following that, your Tripin Adventures trip in Greece concludes with independent departures to the airport or other areas of Greece. You can end your trip here or else join us for an extension to the nearby island of Crete, a unique world where civilization is counted by the millennia.

Breakfast included
Driving distance:
Oia to Santorini Airport 15 km / 25 min






  • All accommodations based on double occupancy
  • Hotel taxes and service charges
  • All transportation during the trip
  • All activities mentioned in the program
  • Ferry tickets
  • Entrance fees to the Acropolis archaeological site, Acropolis museum and Marble museum
  • Tourist guide for the archaeological site of Acropolis and for the Acropolis museum
  • Services of a guide throughout the tour
  • Transport and handling of one reasonably sized suitcase and one carry-on per person


  • Domestic and/or international air fare
  • Medical expenses
  • Travel or emergency evacuation insurance
  • Gratuities for leader/guide or driver
  • Alcoholic beverages and meals other than outlined in itinerary
  • Visas if needed
  • Transfer to and from the airport/port
  • Other items of a personal nature
  • Anything not mentioned in above program


  • Breakfast
  • Lunches and dinners as indicated in the itinerary
  • Snacks during activities


We are constantly updating our unique itineraries based on new information and experiences available. The walks, accommodations, and visits listed may be adjusted. The itineraries presented are subject to modification and change by Tripin Adventures. We reserve the right, without penalty, to make changes in the published itinerary whenever, in our judgment, conditions warrant, or if we deem it necessary for the comfort, convenience, or safety of participants, anything not mentioned in above program.


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