A look at Greece from the inside!

Now that our blog is ready and we have designed what is in our view a pleasant environment, it is time to add the content.What do we want to talk about? Travel, leisure, relaxation, as these are creative and enjoyable subjects and therefore very important aspects of life.Our land Greece, is a country, rich in both natural beauty and history. During recent years however it has been in the spotlight for rather more unpleasant and controversial issues regarding its poor economy.
Greece – due to its geographical location on the fringes of Europe and its close proximity to Asia and Africa- is a country which has always been a melting pot where cultures interact and new ideas are born. This is also one of the reasons why Greece has always been a sensitive spot, a place coveted by many and at times temporarily conquered. Since the time of the Battle of Marathon, which is considered the act of consolidation of democracy in the rest of Europe, the Ancient Greece of Miltiades has shown what it truly stands for. Throughout history conquerors such as the Arabs, the Romans, the Slavs, the Venetians and the Ottomans managed to overrun the country for both long and short periods of time. They may have hindered the progressive and peaceful development of Greece but the spirit and way of life remained. The idea of Greece withstood the test of time. It is no mere chance that this is the land that hosted and witnessed the most revolutionary period in the history of mankind, the golden age of Ancient Greece (5th century BC).

Much changed in the centuries to follow, but its energy has not been lost. The initiated know this.  Our country cannot be measured in Euros, power or DNA. With a handful of cheese, olives, fruit, water and wine we find the energy to head out and enjoy nature full of enthusiasm for company, work, sport, philosophy and art. Tourism in Greece is considered “heavy industry” and it constitutes one of the most important paths to economic recovery. We have decided to follow this direction but not in the form of conventional mass tourism. We have chosen a different path. Our aim is to show you Greece from the inside. To lead you to secret and remote corners where still beats the heart of the simple, modest, authentic and proud Greek battling against the elements. To switch off from work at a place you feel your own. To give you the option to choose your own activities. To come into contact with the special features of our civilization. To assimilate or reject according to your own criteria and to feel more in touch with yourself during your precious down time. We will certainly get something back from you as well and we are grateful for this opportunity for cultural exchange.

greece-icon-2Hippocrates, who is considered to be the father of modern medicine, believed that resting is of fundamental importance to our health. Sitting at an ouzeri in Plaka under the Acropolis, diving into the Aegean blue, struggling to maneuver the raft in the rushing waters of Voidomatis or breathing in oxygen at one of the highest peaks of Pindus or Mt. Olympus, there is always a chance to discover new places, new horizons, new people and maybe even a yet undiscovered piece of treasure within your own self. We invite you to share with us what might be a short yet powerful moment in the amazing adventure of life.

Written by Pavlos and Dimitris, Tripin Adventures Co-Founders

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