Contemporary Greek culture and traditions are very rich and diverse, reflecting Greece’s location at the crossing point where the West meets the East and the country’s great history. Most holidays are celebrated traditionally, and Christmas in no exception. The Greek thirteen days of Christmas begins at December 25th and continues until January 6th, which is
Apokries, the world literally means “no more meat”, is the celebration of carnival in Greece. The characteristic of carnival is disguising and wearing costumes and masks that offer anonymity and freedom of expression. Although typically associated with the traditions of the Orthodox church, the festivities date back to Ancient Greek times, when feasts were organized
The center of Athens has been inhabited for at least 5000 years. This makes Athens an open-air museum with historical remains from all ages. However, it is not easy to find and connect them with history as they are mixed and sometimes hidden by modern buildings. At first glance such an extended history seems chaotic
Although our adventure travel company Tripin Adventures operates in the so called tourist sector, we use the word tourist sparingly. Instead, we prefer to say traveler or visitor.American historian D.J. Boorstin, ones provided an incisive and widely cited lament and critic on the tourist phenomenon in his piece “From Traveler to Tourist: The Lost Art
Hurray! Now that our blog is ready and we have designed what is in our view a pleasant environment, it is time to add the content.What do we want to talk about? Travel, leisure, relaxation, as these are creative and enjoyable subjects and therefore very important aspects of life.Our land Greece, is a country, rich
Greece is full of monuments of the classical ancient period. They are all ruins, some of them in better condition, some of them in worse, remainders of the past glorious ages. But if there is one monument that still stands alive and intact in its beauty, it is Mt. Olympus. Of course it is not

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